Silverline Web Solutions CEO leaves the company amid investigation

Silverline, a global provider of IT services, is shutting down its operations and closing its doors as it looks to reduce costs amid a probe into possible illegal business practices, people familiar with the matter said.Silverline, based in Singapore, had […]

The Future of Social Media in 2019, Here’s Where You Can Find It

What’s the next big thing?Where are you looking?Where is your network going?Where will you be when it’s all over?We’ve rounded up a bunch of the most pressing social media trends right now and we’ve compiled the best social media solutions […]

Why I chose to work with Oracle’s ElasticSearch v4

Oracle has released the second beta version of its ElasticSearch-powered web services and cloud solution, with a number of new features.The new version of ElasticSearch, version 4.6, will bring a number changes to the service.In particular, it brings support for […]

Bank of America is investing $1 billion in web performance solutions

Bank of American is buying $1.5 billion in cloud performance solutions for the bank’s customer service and information technology teams.The deal, which is expected to close in early 2018, will allow the bank to improve the efficiency of its web […]

The best web solutions to keep your web apps up and running

The next great web applications are built using technology from a completely different world, from the web, to the cloud, to cloud services, and from a mobile perspective.The next big thing in web development and development automation is from the […]

Bower Web Solutions: Bower’s web solutions platform for the web

By Robert BowersBower web Solutions is a web development platform for developers that delivers a full suite of development tools for web development and other digital projects.The platform offers a comprehensive range of development solutions, including build tools, build plugins, […]