Jp Web Solutions has acquired Iwi Web Solutions for $7.4 million

IwiWebSolutions, the global leader in hybrid web and cloud solutions, announced today that it has entered into a definitive acquisition agreement for $8.3 million.The transaction closes on March 19, 2018.The combined company will continue to be headquartered in Sydney, Australia.IwiSolutions […]

How to use a web-based chat application for emailing customers

Plumtree is building a chat application that can streamline the task of sending and receiving emails.The company is launching the Plumtotextalk app today for iOS and Android.The app allows users to set up private messages, group chat, send and receive […]

How to solve crypto-currencies and crypto-assets with web portal

We are the creators of crypto-currency platform Crypto-currencys solution for online and offline banking, finance and investment.We have been providing digital currency solutions to the crypto community since 2014.Our main focus is on crypto-marketplaces, payment solutions, mobile apps and digital […]

How to make bee web solutions a profitable business for

Ap web solutions are often overlooked in the search for the perfect web listing, and the best way to find the right solution for your business is to get in touch with a BeeWeb specialist.BeeWeb offers a range of solutions […]

How to build a simple web-based API application with a Node.js application using Node.JS Web Framework

A Node.Js web application can be used to interact with APIs that are hosted in different providers.We are going to show you how to build an example application that uses Node.Javascript Web Framework for interacting with APIs and it will […]