Jakarta web solution is set to be launched on June 30, 2017

Jakarta, Indonesia (AFP) Jakarta’s leading internet provider is set for a major launch in June, aiming to cut its dependence on local content to provide its users with more reliable and timely web browsing.The Jakarta-based Web1Internet, which has over 70 […]

Silverline Web Solutions CEO leaves the company amid investigation

Silverline, a global provider of IT services, is shutting down its operations and closing its doors as it looks to reduce costs amid a probe into possible illegal business practices, people familiar with the matter said.Silverline, based in Singapore, had […]

How to build a simple web-based API application with a Node.js application using Node.JS Web Framework

A Node.Js web application can be used to interact with APIs that are hosted in different providers.We are going to show you how to build an example application that uses Node.Javascript Web Framework for interacting with APIs and it will […]