AllianceWeb solution specialist on RTP, RTP-L, TTP, Web, RTS, RTCP, RCTP, WebRTC, RTFP, WSOP

AllianceWeb is a solution specialist that works with any type of web application, from simple desktop applications to the most complex web services, from the desktop to the mobile.The team is dedicated to bringing the best in the market to […]

When you can’t use Google search to find your way around the world

Updated September 20, 2018 07:57:03India’s Internet censorship is not a problem of government, it is a problem that can be solved by private companies.That’s the argument made by India’s Internet Regulatory Authority (IRA), which is set to unveil its next […]

A web-based solution for ‘cronical’ tasks, experts say

Experts say the next version of the web should be built with a “web-based approach”.This week’s report from the International Internet Architecture Council, which is co-chaired by the US-based consultancy Axweb, said that it would take around 10 years to […]

How to optimize your web site for search engines Next Big News

The web has exploded in popularity in recent years and is now the fastest-growing area of Internet use.Search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo and Microsoft search are now making money by showing you the top results for anything.Search results on […]

When Web Standards Solutions Will Save You Money And Help You Grow Your Business

As the world’s digital natives, you’ve been taught that digital business development is expensive.It’s hard to find a job where you’re not competing against a team of engineers, designers, and developers who will do your best work for you, and […]