How to solve your website’s problem of a non-existent “link” on your website

By now you’re probably aware of the trend of websites not having a single, consistent, reliable link to their content.This can be caused by a variety of factors, from poor design choices to poorly executed SEO, but in most cases […]

How to create a smart cloud web application with SkyWebSolutions

Architect and web developer Jason Luterman has a long history of working with cloud providers.But the time was different.In 2011, Lutler began working with an app-development startup called Star Web.Lutman said Star Web’s technology allowed him to build applications that […]

A web-based solution for ‘cronical’ tasks, experts say

Experts say the next version of the web should be built with a “web-based approach”.This week’s report from the International Internet Architecture Council, which is co-chaired by the US-based consultancy Axweb, said that it would take around 10 years to […]