How to help a struggling CAORDA web application: Help the website owner in need

The CAORDAs website has been down since March 25, 2017, and the site owner, Samantha, has been struggling to keep it up with just one employee on the payroll.With no one to keep her online site up and running, Samantha […]

How to fix the mystery of what happened to the missing Coronavirus code

A mystery is growing around what happened on April 19 to the code that helped infect more than 200,000 Americans.It’s a key issue in a debate over cybersecurity and national security.And the answer may not be simple.While some experts are […]

How a $500,000 botnet is stealing millions of dollars from credit cards, merchants and retailers using a botnet that could soon be on the streets

The botnet has been stealing millions from retailers, consumers and retailers across the United States, and even the U.K., according to a report from cyber security company CordaWeb.A new report by the cybersecurity firm shows that the botnet was active […]