How to use Bitcoin to buy and sell diamonds on the Japanese bitcoin market

New Zealand-based diamond web solution provider MakWeb has launched a bitcoin-based auction site, which allows buyers and sellers to purchase and sell diamond jewelry.MakWeb, which offers a range of diamond-related services, announced that the new marketplace will feature two types […]

Why Google’s web analytics isn’t working as advertised

Google’s cloud services and web analytics have been one of the biggest draws to the search giant’s business, and it’s proving to be a huge liability.Its analytics system has come under scrutiny after it was revealed it had missed a […]

Microsoft Windows 10 Creators Update: Get your Windows 10 account details from Windows Store

Microsoft has revealed that the Creators update will not only offer Windows 10 Mobile support but also a new “Personalization” feature that lets you customize your Windows experience, including Windows 10 and Windows 10 devices.Microsoft is launching the Windows 10 […]

How to make sure you’re getting the most out of your web application’s analytics capabilities

SamWeb Solutions, a web solutions company, has launched a new tool to help developers keep track of how they are performing across the web.SamWeb Analytics, the company’s new tool, allows developers to monitor their performance across multiple different metrics, such […]