Google’s AltaViz is facing a $2.3bn write-down

AltaVsiz has been forced to write down more than $2bn worth of assets and liabilities in its latest report to shareholders.

The company’s latest results were announced on Thursday, but a statement posted on its website said the loss was incurred due to the decline in its advertising revenues.

It said that the company had reached a “very serious financial position”, but that it was not prepared to write-off any of its assets.

It added that the write-downs would not impact the company’s ability to fund the costs of its advertising businesses.

The results included: – $1.3 billion loss on the purchase of an advertising agency, with an estimated value of $7 million.

This is a loss of $400,000 per share.

The loss will be reflected in the company ‘s consolidated financial statements, as well as in the consolidated statement of operations.

– $769 million loss on a $1 billion acquisition of a technology services company.

The acquisition has a value of approximately $2 billion.

– A $1 million loss related to an asset purchase that has a negative effect on the company, which was offset by the value of the asset.

The value of this asset is not disclosed.

– The $739 million loss for an asset impairment charge in relation to an acquisition in February 2016.

This charge was incurred on a business acquisition in March 2016.

– An $11 million loss relating to an impairment charge related to a technology acquisition in January 2017.

The impairment charge was offset in a loss on our current and future investments in infrastructure.

The statement added that it expected to write off the entire amount of these losses in the next twelve months.

Alta Viz’s shares are up 3.5% this year to $16.50.