Google launches cloud-based web apps for all, says CEO

Google is launching cloud-driven web apps to help users find their way around the web, a move that comes amid a rise in security breaches.

In an earnings call Tuesday, Google’s Chief Executive Officer Sundar Pichai said Google is exploring a variety of options to help developers improve their web apps.

“This is a huge opportunity to deliver the best possible web experiences, with the ability to quickly and securely access information, create powerful content and engage users across devices and platforms,” Pichabai said.

Google’s plans will include offering developers a range of tools and services that will help them get started.

For example, the search giant plans to offer developers the ability get help with a task, or let them know where to find content, Pichaisaid.

“With Google Cloud Platform, developers can build scalable, cloud-powered applications that enable developers to build better experiences on their sites and apps.”

A number of other web services will also get the Google treatment, Pichi said.

In addition to Google Cloud Console, Google is offering its cloud-backed platform for mobile, desktop and TV applications, which lets developers control the app from a single platform.

Pichacares cloud service, which includes Google Cloud Tools, also will get a push from Google, he added.

Pichi also announced the integration of Google Cloud Analytics with Google Docs, an open source tool that lets users track data usage across the web.

“This partnership is part of Google’s commitment to delivering better web experiences to our customers,” Pichi added.

Google is also working with developers to offer secure cloud-enabled hosting services for their apps, including a new feature that lets developers set up private servers to host their applications on.

This could be helpful for developers who are developing for mobile and web platforms, where security is more of a concern.

Pichai also said Google will be adding a number of services and features to the Google Cloud SDK, a collection of APIs that developers can use to build and manage web applications.

These include Google Cloud Data Service, Google Cloud Service, and Google Cloud Storage, Pischai said, adding that these services will be added to Google Apps soon.