Why Google’s web analytics isn’t working as advertised

Google’s cloud services and web analytics have been one of the biggest draws to the search giant’s business, and it’s proving to be a huge liability.

Its analytics system has come under scrutiny after it was revealed it had missed a number of major attacks against the company’s servers, and that the company is trying to find ways to better address the issue.

On Monday, the tech giant announced it would be working with web analytics company Brinks to help its systems improve.

The move follows the news that the Wall Street Journal reported that Google’s analytics systems had been breached by hackers last year.

The problems were first revealed by the New York Times in a report published last month, and led Google to take a much-needed step to improve its systems.

Brinks chief executive Peter Leong said the company would be sharing the details of the improvements with the companies affected by the breach and would provide technical support and training.

“We’re committed to helping our clients improve their systems so that they can continue to be safe and secure,” he said.

Brinks is part of the Brinks Group, a $100 million company whose technology is used by tech giants like eBay and Facebook.

The WSJ reported that Brinks has not yet received Google’s response, and Google declined to comment.

The tech giant also said it would work with third-party analytics companies to improve their services.