‘I’m in the process of getting a second home’

Homeowner who moved to the US to escape the effects of Hurricane Harvey has been offered a new home by a software company she once used to help her.

Jessica Williams, 48, told the website Mashable she was in the midst of “a long, drawn-out process of moving to a new place” after Hurricane Harvey hit Texas.

“I have been getting ready for a new house in Colorado and I’m currently in the middle of a long, draw-out, emotional process of negotiating a mortgage and getting a home insurance,” she said.

“My dream is to eventually get back to the UK and start a new life, but I’m in a process of trying to get a second house and a new job to do that.” 

Williams is an artist and a writer who moved from Texas to the states of California and Washington when she lost her home and property to Hurricane Harvey.

Williams said her first home was destroyed by the flooding of her neighborhood and the subsequent levee breach that left her without electricity for two months.

“When the levee breached and the water started to rise, I got a phone call from my landlord, saying that he was looking for someone who could repair his house,” she told Mashable.

It was like I was working with my heart.” “

The next day, I went out and did the job for him.

It was like I was working with my heart.” 

“I got to the point where I was like, ‘I need to start my own business,'” Williams said. 

Williams and her husband have been looking for work in Colorado, and she said she and her partner are now “bidding on houses across the US.”

“We are bidding on lots in Colorado right now,” she added.

“It’s crazy.” 

The couple have been selling their home in the city of Denver for a few months and Williams said they have been “totally devastated” by the hurricane.

“We had to move, but we have a house.

It’s all right now.

We are very grateful for the support of the city,” she continued. 

In February, Williams moved to Texas after losing her home to the storm.

Williams had originally planned to move back to Colorado, but the levees broke down, so she was forced to leave her home in Washington state. 

“We are trying to save up for a house in California.

I am just in shock and disbelief that we are actually living there,” she wrote in an Instagram post.

“There is no way I could have been in that situation without being so lucky.

We have been very fortunate and have had no major problems.” 

When she returned to the States, Williams found her house was not the same, but she said “everything was fine” when she started looking for a job.

“A couple of months later I found a job at a software firm where I had to get my credit scores and my job application done,” she explained. 

After her job was done, Williams went back to Texas to help with the recovery efforts and started a company called “Cloud Solutions,” which helps homeowners with their internet connectivity issues. 

A recent post on the website described Williams as “a software engineer, a data scientist, and a web developer.” 

In November, Williams posted a video to her Facebook page about her new job, telling Mashable that she had “had to move from Texas because of the storm and my internet connection has been broken.”

“I’ve had to work through that,” she noted.

“Now I’m looking for more work.”