What to expect from the new Apple products

Apple’s first smartphones are still a ways off, but that hasn’t stopped the company from announcing some of its latest devices.

Apple’s newest smartphone, the iPhone 7, is the latest to be unveiled during its keynote on Monday.

Apple CEO Tim Cook is expected to be the keynote speaker.

In a series of tweets, Cook said Apple will be releasing the iPhone7 on Monday and it will include new features that will make it easier to navigate, use and share information across platforms.

The company said it will also release an app to let users manage their apps across multiple platforms.

The iPhone 7 has been the subject of numerous leaks, but Cook’s tweets Monday were the first to reveal the device’s specs and features.

Cook said the device will be priced at $999, which is more expensive than the $799 iPhone 6s that launched in November.

Apple is planning to release a “new” iPhone this year, according to a report from Bloomberg.

The latest version of iOS 8 will bring more features to iOS devices and the new iOS 10, the company’s next major update.

Apple said its new iPhones will offer more features than the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus.

It also said it plans to offer apps that are compatible across platforms, and it plans on adding more apps to iOS.

Cook said Apple has made a commitment to make its devices “better, more powerful and more convenient,” and that “we will continue to innovate and improve the experience on the iPhone.”

Cook also said Apple is working on a “significant update” to the iPhone that will address battery life issues.

Apple has previously announced it will add a new “Siri” voice command to its mobile app, which it said will make the phone more accessible and easier to use.

The app has been in beta since last fall.

Apple plans to unveil new iPhone models on September 13, with new phones launching on September 17.