Canadian telecoms regulator to investigate how Rogers Wireless ‘inappropriate’ practice of selling online subscriptions

With the introduction of Rogers’ online subscription service, the company will be able to sell online subscriberships to consumers across Canada and the United States.

The company has not yet released details about how many subscribers it plans to sell, but Rogers said on its website that it plans on offering “a wide range of new features to customers,” including an option to subscribe to a “subscription to a particular channel.”

In a statement on its site, Rogers said the new offering will be available on mobile devices starting in September.

Rogers has been criticized for its practice of charging customers to access its online streaming service and other services, but it is still expected to make money.

The Rogers Wireless online subscription will offer a variety of features including a subscription to a certain channel, Rogers says.

The subscription will be subject to Rogers’ subscription terms, including a $10 annual fee.

The new service comes after a series of lawsuits filed against Rogers by consumers.

In the past, Rogers has said it is doing all it can to stop these lawsuits, but the Canadian telecom industry watchdog is also looking into Rogers’ practices.

“The industry is committed to ensuring that all Canadian consumers have access to an effective and affordable way to access our online services,” said Scott Stewart, president and CEO of the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission.

“We are also committed to protecting consumers from unfair practices that might harm their ability to access and use our services.”

Rogers is the only Canadian telecommunications company to offer a subscription service.

It is a joint venture with Bell and Rogers.

The companies have long been involved in the U.S. cable industry, where they have long worked together to market their cable TV services.

They also have a long history in the telecom industry in Canada.

Rogers is Canada’s largest telecommunications company and the third-largest provider of voice and internet services.