Web hosting solutions that are affordable and secure

Iic Web Solutions , a web hosting provider based in Singapore, has recently launched a new service, Web Hosting Solutions , offering a new premium level of web hosting for customers.

The service offers premium hosting services for a nominal fee and offers the same benefits of the other services offered by the same provider, according to Iic’s Web Hostings section of its website.

Iic also offers a new tier of service called “My Hosting Suite” that includes a dedicated server, which can be set up for up to four virtual servers for users to use on one machine.

IIC’s service, which costs $10.99 per month per server, is priced at $6.99/month per virtual server.

The new tier is the premium tier of Iic web hosting.

Users who subscribe to IIC Web Hosters are given the option to purchase additional virtual servers or a single server for $6/month, which Iic has labeled the “MyHosting Suite.”

The new MyHosting suite is available for up