How to build an amazing smart home app from the ground up

The smart home is a big thing, and Google has already got its hands on a few of the most important pieces.

Now Google is building a smart home hub that will let anyone build their own smart home application that works across devices.

The company says it will launch the app in October. 

The project is the brainchild of Google engineer Scott Olinger, who describes it as “the first and only built-in hub that allows for smart home automation without the need to build a separate hub.”

The Hub includes everything a smart device needs to control the home, including sensors, cameras, lights, speakers, thermostats, and more. 

It will let developers create smart home apps that run on a computer, mobile device, or smartphone, and work in conjunction with one another.

The Hub is designed to be self-contained, meaning it’s entirely built out of the Google Cloud Platform.

It will work with the Google Home platform, Google Home Mini, and Home Hub. 

Olinger says the Hub will also allow developers to easily share their smart home experience with other people. 

Developers will be able to publish their smart homes, including their weather, music, photos, and other apps, on the Google Play Store and Google Play Video in the coming months. 

The Hub will not be a standalone product, though.

It’s designed to work with a variety of different apps, and will integrate with existing Google services, including Gmail, Google Drive, and Drive for Business.

The team is also building the Hub’s software in Java, the same language used by Google’s Android mobile OS, and that runs on Google’s Nexus devices. 

It’s not clear when the Hub might be released to the public. 

Google’s Project Zero hub is the first one Google has built out.

Google says the project has been in development for the past two years, but didn’t release details of the first prototype until this month. 

If you’re a developer looking to build your own smart homes app, the Google app is designed for you.

Google has created a few free online courses to help you get started.

Google Home Hub is built with the help of the Open Source Platform. 

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