Why is the future of the web still unclear?

What are the key issues the web future is facing?

The future of e-commerce and web applications is still very much in flux, and as we have seen with other technologies, there are many unknowns.

But, as we know that the e-payment system, which is at the heart of ecommerce, is not ready yet, we are faced with many questions.

Here are five key issues we are hoping to find answers to:1.

What is e-Payment on a mobile platform?1.1 What is it?1 and How does it work?2.

What does it mean for e-Commerce and web solutions?2,2.1 Why does it matter if e-payments are enabled on a phone or on a tablet?2 and What is the impact of the eBilling system on the eCommerce experience?2 ,2.2 How will e-Billing change the ecommerce experience?3.

How can we use e-billing to help people pay with their mobile phones and tablets?3 and What are some practical examples?4.

What can be done with the data about e-buyers’ purchasing behaviour?4,4.1 Will e-money be the future for eCommerce?4 and How will it work on mobile platforms?4 ,4.2 Can e-cash work with a mobile e-wallet?4