Jakarta web solution is set to be launched on June 30, 2017

Jakarta, Indonesia (AFP) Jakarta’s leading internet provider is set for a major launch in June, aiming to cut its dependence on local content to provide its users with more reliable and timely web browsing.

The Jakarta-based Web1Internet, which has over 70 million users, will provide its customers with the fastest and most secure online services, the company said on Tuesday, describing its web-based services as an “innovative solution” for the countrys growing internet users.

Web1Internet’s new platform, called Web1, will offer its users the fastest speeds, most secure connections and most reliable services, according to the Jakarta-headquartered company.

The company said its first-generation platform, which is based on the web protocol, will allow users to browse websites from their smartphones and tablets.

“Our new platform will be the world’s fastest and best-equipped to provide our customers with reliable, reliable and fast web browsing,” Web1’s CEO, Ravi Bala, said.

“This platform will enable us to provide a seamless browsing experience to our customers from anywhere, anywhere in Indonesia, without having to wait for them to arrive in our city,” he added.

“For a small company with no experience in web design, we believe that this platform is the first step to making Web1 truly global.”

Web1’s new service will allow its users to visit websites from any mobile device and will include apps that will allow the company to offer users personalized and personalized search results.

Users will be able to use the platform on smartphones, tablets and desktop computers and will be eligible to subscribe to Web1 Internet’s subscription service that will offer a one-time payment of 1,000 baht ($8) to enable the user to get access to all of the company’s services.

“We have partnered with an established technology company to create this innovative platform, and we hope that the partnership will be successful in providing our customers reliable, secure and fast access to our services,” Bala added.

Web2 Internet, the country’s second-largest internet provider, has also said it will launch its first Web2 Internet-powered device in the coming months, after its customers will be served the first version of its service by the end of the year.

Web3, the nation’s third-largest web service provider, is set up in the country and will soon begin providing a service that provides its users a fast and secure connection to its services, including the Jakarta network.

Users who sign up for the service will have the option to receive a 1,500 bahr ($8.30) subscription fee for the first month, while Web3 will charge $1.99 for each additional month they remain with the service.

The first Web3 users will also be able access the new platform via an app.

“The Web3 service will provide users with faster and more reliable web browsing services,” said Web3’s CEO Yulun Weng, adding that the company will make its first foray into the mobile internet space with a mobile Web2 internet-powered phone that will launch in March.

“When you sign up to Web3, you will get a free smartphone and a one year subscription to the Web3 app,” Weng said.

“The first time you sign-up to the app, you’ll receive a smartphone and your free membership to the web.”

“The mobile web-powered Web2 app will allow you to surf the web from your mobile device,” he continued.

“You can access the Web2 site and browse, share and download the content from your web browser.”

“We will launch the first mobile Web-powered mobile device for our Indonesian customers in March,” Wen said.

Web4, the national internet provider in Jakarta, is currently developing a new Web4 smartphone platform, according and will start testing the mobile web on its first mobile devices by the middle of the next year.

“In our first phase, we will test the mobile Web4 app on our first batch of mobile devices,” said the company.

“We will offer the first batch devices to our Indonesian users as early as March.”

Web5, the second-most popular internet service provider in Indonesia with over 6 million users according to data released by Internet service provider Comodo, is also set to roll out its first web-enabled devices in the next few months.

“Comodo is working to launch a web-connected device in Indonesia by the spring of 2017,” Comodo said in a statement.

“Today, the web has arrived in Indonesia and we have a clear roadmap to build on this.”

Comodo also said that it is aiming to launch its web platform by the beginning of the first quarter of 2018.