Which is better: Brinks or Amazon?

It’s a battle for a second time, with Amazon taking a hard look at whether or not it’s a good fit for the Internet retailer.

Brinks, a chain of retail stores with locations in over 20 countries, announced Thursday that it was looking into an expansion into the U.S., but it’s still unclear whether it’s better to buy Brinks products directly from Amazon or through an intermediary like Amazon’s resellers.

Brink’s CEO, James Brinks, has been talking about the possibility of Brinks buying Brinks since May, and it’s unclear whether he’s had enough time to see how Amazon and its resellers are doing.

The two companies have a history of trying to collaborate on business, and Brinks had been planning on expanding to the U.

“We are looking into it and we have been in discussions with Amazon about doing so,” Brinks said in a statement.

“Amazon is one of the world’s leading brands in retail, and our goal is to be an online leader in our core business.

As we grow internationally, we have a very close relationship with Amazon.”

Brinks has already taken a look at Amazon’s business model, which relies on third-party sellers.

Amazon has struggled with increasing competition from Amazon’s own online stores, and Amazon is looking to leverage its dominance in the e-commerce space to keep Brinks competitive.

Amazon, meanwhile, is trying to leverage Amazon’s online store to help it expand its retail footprint and become a dominant player in the market.

Amazon, which has been a strong seller for Brinks for years, has said it wants to be a major force in e-retail and plans to invest heavily in expanding its business to serve as a catalyst for growth.

Brands like Amazon have also been getting into the ecommerce space, especially in India.

Amazon is investing heavily in building out its India business and has been buying up some of the largest retailers in the country, like Snapdeal, for a number of years.

Brinking, which was founded in 2006 and currently has more than 500 stores in India, is also working to become a leader in the Indian ecommerce market.

Brinks also has a presence in the U