Pixel8, the world’s most affordable, lightweight, and powerful tablet with Google Pixel hardware, Google Play Edition software, and Android 8.0 Oreo

TechRadars summary Pixel8 is a thin and light tablet with a gorgeous, high-end Android 8 smartphone, all powered by Google Pixel.It’s one of the first Android 8 devices to ship with Google Play editions of the latest Android versions, with […]

How web design and development are changing the way we design and build our websites

An architecture is a collection of elements.In this case, an architecture is the way an application’s code interacts with the web.Every web application is built from an abstract representation of these elements and it is a web design or development […]

Why you should start a web app for your business: Why not start a cloud web solution company?

What if you’re not sure how your business can improve in the cloud?A company can help you identify, develop and scale cloud-based solutions to your business’s needs.A web app might be the answer.The cloud is the new frontier of web […]

Apple says it has found a way to help people with disabilities using its app store

Apple says its app stores are working to make it easier for people with hearing loss to access apps that are designed specifically for people like them.In a blog post, the company said that the Audible app for iPhone and […]